Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yu-Gi-Oh 5d Tag Force 6 Review

I just recently got this game for the psp and I have to say its really cool. If your a yugioh fan and own a psp I suggest getting this game, Its only out in Japan but I have a link to where it is you can go and download the game for free. You just have to have the latest custom firmware in order to play the game. Go to this forum here in the link and you have to make an account there in order to download it but its totally free. Here is the link. Please note that its a gig of size game so you will need at least a 2gb or more size memory card to put it on. After you get the game make sure to place it in the ISO Folder in the root of your memory stick. That link also has a bunch of other psp games to choose from.

In this game it includes lots of cards all the way up to the photon shockwave pack, It even includes the xyz cards. I have a save file that you can use that has everything unlocked. And I have included some pre made decks in the game. This goes into the savedata folder of your memory card. Here is the link for the save data file I have uploaded. Its save and working 100%.

This game is great for practice and testing new decks. Here is a video I made on what the game looks like in action. If you have any problems or any questions please post a comment and I will do my best to help you out.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Got Me A New PSP 3001

Well I finally got me a brand new psp 3001 at gamestop several weeks ago and I really like it. It is piano black but its super thin and light weight. Does not feel like a brick in my pocket or in my hands. I was going to get the psp go used at gamestop for 100 dollars but they only had one there and it was on hold for someone and they couldn't sell it to me.

So I checked out the silver ones that was used and it seems pretty cheap looking and most of them had scratches on them. For 20 dollars more I can get a brand new one fresh from its box. I went ahead and did that and I am happy that I did. I don't mind it being a finger print magnet on the front and back cause I can always wipe it with a cloth. I got my foam case for it that I had for the old psp 1001 and it fits the new one good. 

I got a 8gb memory stick for my psp that I have used on my old one and it holds quite a bit, I only used about half of it and still got some room on it. I do want to get some cables for the new psp that can play on the tv and watch movies from it. I plan on saving for a ipod classic 160bg for my music and videos for christmas and I will do a review on that if I get one. For now I am using my new psp for my media. I can finally play 2 player games with my friends on final fantasy dissidia.

I was able to get custom firmware onto my psp which allows me to play backup games, emulators and put custom themes onto it. Its really neat to have it on the psp. This is a video I took from my psp from my laptop using remotejoy lite that only works if I have my psp in custom firmware. I am not too sure on what to do with my old psp just yet. I have it stored in its original box in my closet for now. I may use it as a backup in case something happens to my new one. But I have to say the screen looks more vibrant on the new psp then the old one did. Everything looks clearer. I am enjoying it more now and listening to music on it more when I go out or at home.